Basics of Movement in the Human Body

What Makes Us Tic?

Movement is the one of the most basic and vital actions that we can perform as humans to maintain our health. The movement of our bodies is something like a see-saw at a playground. At the top of the see-saw we are happy and enjoy life, that’s reflected in the way our body feels when we move around and stay active. At the bottom of the see-saw our body is deprived of the enjoyment and happiness that is experienced, and it becomes harder to reach the top because our body has to work harder and push off of the ground in order to get there.

What Makes Up Movement

Human movement is comprised of two categories, one is Kinesiology and the other is Biomechanics. Both words can be split in half to form two words each, which can then be defined separately, let me explain. In Greek the word “Kinesis” means “To Move” while the word “Logy” means “To Study” so you can determine that kinesiology is the study of movement. Meanwhile, the word “Bio” in Greek means “Life” while “Mechanics” means “the study of forces that affect the human body” as a result you can determine that biomechanics is the study of the forces the body experiences in our daily lives. Because both of these studies make up human movement it would be appropriate to give you an example in the real world.

Real World Application

To see both of these studies in action you don’t have to look very hard. Let’s say you’re helping a friend move some boxes into their new apartment. There is a box on the ground and your friend asks if you can place it on the table. You squat down grab onto the box and realize it is heavier than you expected yet you are still able to pick it up and place it on the table. The action of lifting the box off the ground and onto the table is a prime example of both of these studies at work. What actually went on in that scenario was the exertion of an internal force within the body in order to lift the heavy box off the ground. At the same moment, the body is resisting the weight of gravity as it pulls the box away from the earths center.

Simultaneously, the ground is producing a force called ground reaction force. This is an equal and opposite external force that is exerted back onto the body by the ground. So, when the body is producing force through its muscles or because of the force of gravity pulling it towards earth the ground will exert a force equivalent and opposite of that.


Different forces influence the body from all angles. Our bodies have to adapt to these forces in order to create movement. If we fail to move, our body does not work as efficient as it should. There has been a correlation of increased disease, sickness and injury in people who are spending most of their time in a sedentary state. For example, those who spend hours sitting without getting up for a few minutes. It is for this reason that we are beginning to see sites like that sell products to keep you active and moving while still maintaining your desk work. Some companies have even gone as far as setting up a desk on top of a treadmill so that you can continue to work while you walk. Take for example, who have treadmill and bike desk stations to keep you moving and healthy to prevent the risk of any complications that may be increased in a sedentary lifestyle.

What's It Costing You?

At the end of the day, it is imperative to our health that we stay in constant motion. It is shown that this may keep us away from increased risk of diseases and complications. Anything else would promote an unhealthy lifestyle. It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or riding a bike to work instead of driving. These are simple decisions, that if made a habit, can impact us in the long run and allow us to live longer healthier lives.



Disclosure: I do not get paid by any of the companies used above. They were just examples of different products that are available, that may provide a solution to possible complications of a sedentary lifestyle.