Discover The Major Differences Between a Body Building and Lean Muscle To Determine What You Should Do At The Gym Today

No one specific exercise is better than the next. The importance of the exercise lies in the goals you have for yourself.

Before doing any workout you have to ask yourself what the ultimate result of doing a particular workout will be and see if that result is congruent with your goal.

For example, are you an athlete? Do you simply want to be leaner and stronger? Or do you have aspirations to be a body builder?

Each one of these requires a unique approach in order to reach the ultimate goal.

Lean Muscle

Let me start by talking about athletes since sport has been a major part of my life and I hold it dear to my heart.

As an athlete, whether basketball, football, or soccer player some of the basic goals are similar.

  1. Be faster
  2. Be stronger
  3. Be more explosive
  4. Be more coordinated than the other players

Such distinctions are earned in the gym and the field is the stage where those abilities can be showcased.

So how do you achieve all those for these sports?

There are exercises that pack the ability to improve these skills with one movement. The ancient Greeks are renouned for providing athletes with a plethora of different exercises that embody all four of the desired abilities mentioned above. Their desire to see who could lift the heaviest weight led to the incorporation of some of the following exercises into the Olympic games.

These movements include:

  • The clean and jerk
  • The snatch
  • Squat
  • Deadlift

These compound movements are great for the entire body and will produce incredible results even if you’re not an athlete. The beauty of these exercises are that you will get faster, stronger, more explosive all while improving your coordination. All incredibly beneficial for athletes looking to be better.

People who use these exercises will see lean muscle development while decreasing body fat.

Body Building

On the other hand body builders desire completely different results from their workouts and should be doing things differently in order to achieve those results.

They are looking for the aesthetics of their body to improve meanwhile increasing muscle mass. In order to do so they isolate specific muscles in order to cause what’s caller hypertrophy, which is the enlargement of an organ or tissue, in this case being isolated muscle.

Some of the best ways for body builders to achieve results are by

  • Isolating specific muscles
  • Changing repetition range from short to high throughout the entirety of the program
  • Being consistent
  • Most importantly staying on top of nutrition.

During these workouts bodybuilders are using slow twitch muscle fibers and it’s for that reason that you don’t get the same results that you see with the athlete workouts.

Each kind of workout will get different results. No one is better than the other as mentioned previously. Ultimately, you have the power to choose just remember to always consider what you want your results to be.