How To Overcome The Hardest Part of Your Workout To Get Results Today

You haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks but through those weeks you haven’t been able to stop thinking about how much you’ve been eating or how chubby you think the mirror is starting to make you look.

You finally decide one night it’s time for you to go. You tell yourself, “I’m going to start tomorrow morning.” You go to bed relieved that night and wake up to a 7 a.m alarm blasting in your ear. You roll over abruptly in search of the nagging sound to hit the snooze button. Luckily, you hit it on your first attempt and relax into another 10 minutes of sleep.

This cycle continues 2 to 3 more times before long you accept the idea of going later in the afternoon so you can get another couple more hours of sleep before work. You go through your work day and before you know it you're home on the couch watching TV telling yourself you’ll go in a few minutes.

Those minutes turn into hours then you realize another day has passed by without you ever setting a foot in the gym. Now the guilt comes in and the cycle repeats itself. When you finally notice the cycle, another few weeks have passed.

So the question is, how do you get out of the cycle and simply start?

This is by far the hardest part. When you’ve established a habit(the cycle of not going to the gym) it’s incredibly difficult to break that habit and begin working out again.

We’ve all heard it from friends and family. “I have to get back into the swing of things at the gym” or “it’s time I went back to the gym, I haven’t gone in weeks.”


This is the guilt in our conscious telling us we don’t feel or look as good as we did a few weeks ago. It is at this point that we need to make what will seem like an easy but will be an incredibly difficult decision. That decision will get the ball rolling towards creating and establishing the new habit of getting to the gym.

When you make the decision to make your health an important part of your life again, you’ve taken the first step in getting back to where you were.

Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s easy to be derailed from our paths, including when we are striving for something we want.

Hold yourself accountable by telling someone you care about know what you intend to do. Let them know you are committed to making a change and by letting them know you hope they hold you accountable. And they will because they care about you. The moment you don’t go to the gym they will be there to remind you what they expect from you. Since you care about them too you won’t disappoint them by not going and the pressure alone will get you moving towards the gym.

Set up everything you need before you need it

Prepare yourself with everything you need for the gym. That means shirt, shorts, socks, sneakers and water bottle. Set it up the night before when you have energy and are likely more motivated.

This simple solution will by far make it easier for you to get going and get on your way. Once you’re on your way things will start rolling.

The important thing is to do all these things with a purpose for a few weeks so that it becomes a habit that it’ll be incredibly difficult to stop.

The goal is to make you healthier. That’s important for you and your family. That alone should overshadow any further feelings of procrastination.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be working out in no time.

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